Monday, July 4, 2016

2016 4th of July

I am only like 6 months behind and I swear I will catch up but for now I am excited to get back to blogging and documenting our life. So lets get started....

Today was the 4th of July and we had our annual second year Parsons Bash! It was a blast. So much planning and preparation leading up to the gathering but o so worth it.

This year we had Gma, Gpa, Brian, Sandra, Bill, Becky, Audrey, Natalie, Aaron and Meghan Bostrom and Olivia and Charlotte, Uncle Dan and Aunt Barbara.

We started the morning off with a little lemonade stand that Bridger begged me to help him create. It was super successful! $16 was made. He is saving for a Nerf gun.

Colt and dad got busy getting the ribs in the smoker and finishing up last minute touches. It was truly a wonderful party. The fireworks were insane. The kids played well together and it was such a blast to have a little "girl time" and catch up with everyone.

Colter is running around and trying to keep up with all the kids and everything is happening. Fireworks this year didn't scare either boy and the evening was capped of with a wonderful display seen throughout the entire valley.
Colter was asleep, I debated very hard whether to wake him, but I kept him asleep. 

Another great memory for the books. Thanks so much for making memories with us this year.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Our Squishy Baby

Colter Ray!
Colt is a little over 18lbs and 27 inches long.
He is a happy baby!
Loves his brother.
Loves his baths.
Has a great smile and laughs so cute.
We think he is the best, maybe bias of course but come on look him!
 I couldn't resist dressing him up in this little outfit.
It was a hand-me-down and since I never had any girls this little guy had no choice but to satisfy my desire for a little baby bonnet action and baby buttes.

  Look at those blue eyes! What a doll.
Brotherly love!!!

Family Pictures and 6 month check ups

Last weekend I talked my lovely boys into family pictures.
Once again I took them.
Not perfect but perfect for us.
They are great troopers and always put up with my crazy ideas.
I visioned that we would go back to where Ben proposed to me and complete our family picture one day when we had our family and this year seemed fitting given the fact that God blessed us with another perfect son.
Off we went on Sunday, bright and early.

Given the pictures I took I think about 5 are keepers and will make the walls at our house.
That is success!
Idaho is truly a beautiful state.

On Friday after school we headed to the Doc for flu shots, check ups and a visit for Bridge.
Colt is 18.5 lbs and 27 inches long!
Bridger is 39lbs with shoes on!
We got big tall boys! Just the way we like them.

Bridge went to see the doc for a sinus/allergy check up and now on antibiotics.
Both boys got flu mist for Bridge and the first of two flu shots for Colt.
Colt also had his 6 month shots too.
Poor guy.
He did sleep till 8:30 today!

Soccer has consumed our Saturday Mornings!
We love it.
Bridger is doing so good.
We love watching him.
Today it was windy and cold but it was wonderful to see so many family members make it to his game.
Growing up I lived far away from extended family that they never saw us for our sports and to have his grandma and grandpa and great aunt and uncle there is a blessing.
Our kids are so lucky to have so much family in town.

Life is busy.
I think I say that in every post but that is the only way to sum up our life right now.
Ben asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner on Friday, I looked at him and said, "if we could just be home and sit at the dinning room table for longer than 10 minutes that would make my night."
Between meetings, long days at work, conferences, sports, and other commits we are staying plenty busy.
Ben calls it the "hustle."
Did I mention I finally graduate in May!!!
I can almost taste it.
Grad work is going great and very insightful as I meet and interview many different position at the district level.
The new reading curriculum our district purchased is absolutely wonderful, amazing and so great for our students. I am excited!!!
Bridger is busy learning the ABC's and many other academic things that it hard to keep up with everything but somehow some way we do!

We are living life as a family of four and enjoying every memory of it.
Have a great weekend.

Halloween is coming

We are prepared this year!
Bridger's costume arrived on Thursday and Colt is going to use one of Bridger's. (I know poor guy has to have handmedowns!)

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago.
I couldn't resist while I was decorating for fall!
Life is busy. It's hard to catch up on the blog but through pictures I hope I do this year justice.

 Pretty sure my boys are saying…. "Okay mom, that's enough with the pictures"
What can I say I have two beautiful subjects to photograph.

 These pictures truly sum up my boys relationship. Bridger is the best brother to Colter.
Always so kind, patient and sweet with him.

 Who can resist those buns!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Colter Ray 6 months old

We head to the doctor for his 6 month appointment next week so I will have numbers then but for now here is a little synopsis of him at 6 months:

Weight approx- 18lbs
Length approx- 27 inch
Diaper size- 4 but I have been putting him in 6’s because the back is higher and this way he doesn’t blow out.
Food- tried pears and bananas last week and love them
Milk- still 100% breastfeed
Sleeping- two longer naps and sometimes a few cat naps. At night he goes to bed around 7 and wakes around 7. We feed on and off depending on the evening but overall sleeps through the night.
Cryer- only when he wants me.
Accomplishments- can sit up on his own for a few minutes before rolling over.
Laughter- when his brother plays with him and blows on his tummy and rib bones!

**Has two cute little dimples that melt his daycare teachers hearts.

He is a strong, growing healthy little boy. We are so blessed to have him. Keep on growing little man

Fall Soccer

Our big boy started fall soccer league two weeks ago.
His team name: Puppy Dino’s (how cute, they made it up at practice)
His teammates names: Bridger, Benny, Cohen, Cameron, and I don’t remember the other two.
New League Name: Nampa Premier Soccer
Division: U4 (finally he looks like he isn’t the smallest kiddo)
Jersey Number: 22

The first game was fantastic.
He played his little heart out.
As daddy would put it, he gave the other team a smack down.
Sure there isn’t much competition at that age but for him to be able to turn and take the ball down to the goal by himself, with no assists, it’s pretty amazing how agile he is for only being 3.

Here’s how the first game went.
We arrived and we were the blue team.
Coach Karla put in 3 players and Bridger sat for the first 6 minute quarter.
The green team had one kid who was pretty good and made two goals by the time the quarter ended.
Ben leaned over to me and said, “ I bet you when they put Bridger in that green team won’t know what to do.”
Sure enough it was time for Bridger to go in.
He kicked that ball all the way to the goal.
Not once, not twice but 6 times throughout the rest of the game.
Us parents, we weren’t excited, ha! We were thrilled, jumping up and down!!!
They all did so good.

Auntie B, and Grandma came out to watch and of course snuggle on our little baby!
We had a great time watching our big boy.
And have I mentioned how much we enjoy our Saturday mornings out at the soccer field!

This is lovinglifeasafamilyoffour!